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Akron Aeros job fair draws big crowd

By Dave Scott
Beacon Journal staff writer

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Scores of job-seekers enter the Akron Aeros offices for an Aeros' job fair for game-day jobs at Canal Park on Wednesday in Akron, Ohio. (Michael Chritton/Akron Beacon Journal)

Allan Dawkins is of an age and demeanor that a job interview — any job interview — warrants a coat and tie.

So there he was, standing in line in a snow squall behind more than 100 people Wednesday, hoping to get a part-time minimum-wage job with the Akron Aeros.

There will be no benefits — unless you count the joy of watching a baseball game while you work.

Nevertheless, Emily Ray, office manager for the Aeros, thinks it’s a great opportunity for some people.

“It’s a little easier to have fun at a baseball stadium,” she said. And she’s in a position to know. She worked as a game-day employee for the Aeros before graduating from Kent State University with a sports administration degree.

She said candidates include retirees, teachers and people who want to supplement their day job.

“Phones have been ringing off the hook for the last week,” she said Wednesday night as prospective employees lined up along South Main Street in downtown Akron to enter the team’s administrative offices. The line backed up to the ticket booths at the Buchtel Street entrance.

The 200 available jobs include ticket takers, ushers, concession staff, team shop staff, helpers in the Fun Zone for kids, stadium operations personnel and customer service attendants.

Ray said each will be expected to be an “outgoing, friendly person who goes out of their way to make a great fan experience.”

Tammy Parker of Barberton, who is unemployed, hopes to fill that description.

“I have a disability,” she said. “It gets kind of boring, and we are eligible to work now a few hours.”

Asked what job she wants, she said, “It doesn’t matter, but I prefer a cashier job.”

Walsh Jesuit High School student Rocco Nuosci said he might save a little for college, but this job would be mostly for gasoline money.

“I would like to work at the team shop just because I like to see the nice team apparel and stuff,” he said. “I like to wear team apparel, team spirit.”

His friend, Thomas Pyle, a Woodridge student, said the Fun Zone is for him. He said he has been a baby sitter and “kids are balls of fun.”

Darauis Poole, who attends Akron Digital Academy, said he would take any job offered.

He said his goal is “something that I will love to work at and keep coming back because I’d love to work here.”

Ray said employees will be expected to show up for all 71 Eastern League home games — 30 minutes before gates open until all or at least most of the fans have gone home. For a night game, that could be from 5:30 to 11 p.m.

The Aeros held a second job fair Thursday evening. Ray said no hiring decisions will be made until next week.

Dave Scott can be reached at 330-996-3577 or Follow Scott on Twitter at Davescottofakro.