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Local Artist Amy Mothersbaugh Roos Paints the Zoo!

UPublish story by Katie Giallanza

One of Cuyahoga Falls' own local artists and Gallery owners, Amy Mothersbaugh Roos has been working since last August, on the new Journey to the Reef exhibit opening this May at the Akron Zoo and Aquarium. Over 1000 volunteer hours have been put into this HUGE project. Mrs Roos, (who is the sister of Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo )owns the Art gallery STUDIO 2091 in Cuyahoga Falls and while working full time on her own gallery, has donated 4 hours a day, (minimum) in painting time since January. She has used over 40 cans of specially mixed paints, and over 65 brushes and other tools.

She has formed an international team of artists who have been painting her vision on the gymnasium sized walls, using different types of scaffolding in the process. Her artist friends, a volunteer team organized by Amy herself are giving their free time and talent in support of Amy and a GREAT cause at the Akron Zoo. Amy taught at least 25 people to paint coral and ocean waves there.

This Journey to the Reef exhibit averaged 2 volunteers, 3X a week and had a school group one day of teens, plus a girl-scout troop of small children. There are 100 seahorses exactly on the walls, with coral and huge 15 foot sea creatures all around. A cave has even been constructed at the entrance, made of a polymer resin.

There is a coloring book page wall that will be painted in as the coral grows to show the speed of coral's growth over a one year time period. There will be ceramic embellishments of sea-creatures on the coloring book page. THAT page will be available as a pdf download on Amy's Studio 2091 website, and the Akron Zoo's website when the exhibit opens.

Amy deserves the greatest hand ever for all her time and effort!!!!

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