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Falls Park Board to study Natatorium rates, decide in May

By Gina Mace Published: April 12, 2012
Park and Rec
Park and Recreation Board chair Tim Gorbach listens as Park and Recreation superintendent Bill Lohan talks about Natatorium rates. (Gina Mace/ correspondent)

CUYAHOGA FALLS: The Cuyahoga Falls Park and Recreation Board will revisit the Natatorium spousal discount in May.

The rate became an issue when Shane and Coty May, an Akron same sex married couple, were denied the discounted spousal rate because of Natatorium policy to follow the Ohio Constitution.

The Ohio Constitution defines marriage as between one man and one woman.

The Mays began an Internet campaign to urge officials to change the policy, filling Falls elected officials' computers with thousands of emails.

In February, a motion by Park and Rec Board Chairman Tim Gorbach to change the "married couple" rate to a "household" rate was voted down 3-2.

On Thursday, more than 70 people attended the Park and Rec Board meeting, most to urge members to keep the status quo.

The majority of speakers, agreed with Councilman Terry Mader of Ward 8, who said to change the rate is to bow to a social agenda and redefine the Ohio Constitution's definition of marriage.

Councilwoman Diana Colavecchio pointed out to the Board that while the Natatorium rate was discriminatory, the rate at Waterworks was not.

Waterworks can sell a family pass to adults with minor children, without regard to marital status or sexuality. She urged the board to change the language of the Natatorium spousal discount rate to coincide with Waterworks.

Board Chairman Tim Gorbach asked board members to meet with Park and Recreation Superintendent Bill Lohan and Assistant Superintendent Ed Stewart before the May 10 meeting to become familiar with the 100 different rate combinations at the Natatorium

He said the members can then decide on May 10 if they want to replace or leave the spousal rate.