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Cuyahoga Falls school board agenda meeting

By staff

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5:00 p.m. – Regular Board of Education Meeting
          I. Call to Order – Mr. David Rump, President
                    A. Roll Call
                        1.            Mr. Curtis Grimes              
                        2.            Mrs. Barbara Gunter            
                        3.            Ms. Kellie Patterson                       
4.      Mr. Dale Petty        
5.      Mr. David Rump        
         II. Approval of Agenda
            Motion by       
            Second by      
            Grimes A/N Gunter A/N Patterson A/N Petty A/N Rump A/N
            Approved     Not Approved  Other Action  
III.                  Board/Superintendent Work Session
A. Pt21 Committee Reports
Ø      Focus Area #1: Teaching & Learning, Assessment & Professional Development – Mrs. Barbara Gunter, Mrs. Debra McNair & Ms. Kellie Patterson
Ø      Focus Area #2: School Culture & Student Services – Dr. Phillip Martucci & Mr. David Rump
Ø      Focus Area #3: Family, Business & Community Involvement – Mr. Michael Englert & Mr. Dale Petty
Ø      Focus Area #4: Facilities/Environments, Organization & Resource Leveraging – Mr. Leonard DeChant& Mr. Curtis Grimes


IV.                    Adjournment
            Motion by       
            Second by      
            Gunter A/N Patterson A/N Petty A/N Rump A/N Grimes A/N 
            Approved         Not Approved  Other Action                       
                                                            Respectfully submitted,
                                                            Dr. Todd M. Nichols

                                                                                                Superintendent/CEO of Schools