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Falls City Council elects new president and discusses yearly purchases

By Gina Mace correspondent

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Don Walters, the new Cuyahoga Falls City Council president. (Gina Mace/

CUYAHOGA FALLS: City Council unanimously elected a new council president during an organizational meeting Monday.

Ward 6 councilman Don Walters will lead the 11-member Council for 2013.

The Council is expected to elect other officers during the Jan. 14 meeting.

Council members discussed legislation to appropriate money for 2013 supplies, such as street repair material, fuel and tires. Also included in the legislation is the purchase of trucks, cruisers, a fire engine and other vehicles, costing approximately $2.4 million. Council will vote next week on the appropriation.

The purchases were approved as a part of the nearly $32 million budget passed Dec. 27