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Police encourage people to be safe while shopping

By Gina Mace correspondent

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Cuyahoga Falls Police station. Cap. Jack Davis encourages holiday shoppers to be safe while out hunting for bargains. (Charles Mader/

CUYAHOGA FALLS:  While shoppers are hunting for treasure Thanksgiving weekend, some people will be looking for a chance to steal it away.

Cuyahoga Falls Police Capt. Jack Davis said shoppers should be extra vigilant to avoid turning a bargain into a loss.

"We ask people to put their purchases in the trunk, out of sight," Davis said. "And lock your car. You'd be amazed what valuables people leave in a car."

Davis said iPods and computers have become so common place "people don't think of them as valuables.”

In parking lots, thieves tend to take the easy loot.  They will walk through the rows, checking for open vehicle doors. 

"People steal what you leave for them to steal," Davis said.

That goes for vehicles parked in driveways too, he said.

Inside the stores, know where a wallet or purse is at all times.

Davis said shoppers seem to be paying more attention to safety.

"We didn't have many problems last year," Davis said. "Traffic problems are worse than anything else.  Be patient. It's going to take a lot more time to get to where you want to go."

Extra patrols are planned for the Howe Road shopping area throughout the season. But since police can't be everywhere, Davis asks that anyone who sees something suspicious call.

"Don't be afraid to call us if you see something that looks odd," he said. "We'll come check it out. You never know what it might be."

"We want everybody to have a nice, safe, happy holiday," Davis said.